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          Elma, your partner in electric drive & control technology

          Elma is offering a wide variety of technical products and services: custom-made industrial automation solutions, system integration, inspection and maintenance of rotary equipment, advice and supply of specialized motion control components.

          Elma is a loyal yet flexibel partner. We like to think in creative solutions and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Even though our expertises are used in every industry, most of our customers can be found in the maritime & off-shore, hoisting & lifting and OEM industries.

          Latest news

          • Elma Systems supplies turnkey electric drive and control solutions. Our team is specialized in hard- & software?engineering, cabinet assembly, installation works, commissioning and service. Our system integration skills are called upon by many national & international customers. Elma Systems is known for creative, innovative and custom-made solutions.
          • Elma Motors: designs & manufactures low, medium and high voltage motors for industry, maritine and off-shore applications. We supply both customized specials and standard IE2/IE3 /IE4 e-motors. Our IE4 motors are available as AC or permanent magnet motor (IE4-5).


          The Netherlands: headquarters,
          engineering and production

          Romania: subsidiary Elro,
          engineering and serial assembly

          Belgium: sales office

          Turnkey Solutions
          Service and Maintenance
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